“Nangis Baca!! Faz Punyai Hati Yang..” – Luahan Hati Fazura Buat Netizen Tersentuh Dan Sebak

Pasangan pelakon popular Fattah Amin dan isterinya Fazura kini berada di tanah suci Makkah bagi menunaikan umrah.

Terbaru Fazura ada memuat naik gambar bersama suami tercinta Fattah Amin beserta luahan dan doa di instagram miliknya. Ramai yang tersentuh bila membaca luahan tersebut.

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All praises to Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah.. It was a deeply peaceful, fulfilling and a truly magical 8 days in Madinah Al-Munawarrah and Makkah Al-Mukarramah. I couldn’t be more thankful for each seconds of everyday as this trip is probably the best one yet. Everything was made smooth-sailing for us since the day we were planning to come. Too many beautiful moments and experiences I wish I could share but I feel best to be kept to myself – I would cherish forever. To my husband, @fattahaminz .. you are an epitome of love, gratitude and calmness. Waking up with you in the holy land for prayers together and missing each other between Maghrib and Isyak everytime makes my heart so happy. I love you and I am beyond grateful for you. To my best friend @rizman.n .. Thank you for arranging everything for us on this trip and for being an amazing planner each day – to define you for having a heart of gold is an understatement! I’m forever thankful for you. To my girls, @nuridasuraya and @yanabaharudin .. although we kept wondering why we were destined to come here together, I am grateful that we were because I was able to see the colors of your true hearts and that together, we were always rushing to go to the the masjid early. Thank you for being each other’s strength, voices or reasons and for our nature in always uplifting one another. I love you both so much. To our big sister kakak @umieaida9 – bumping into you was a gift. Thank you for your absolute kindness and for showing us true strength of a woman. You are a woman of steel and you CAN do anything your heart desires. I pray for you happiness in whatever you choose to do. Come what may.. I believe that whatever tomorrow brings remain a secret between us and the almighty.. our creator and the only ONE we worship. May Allah SWT ease everything for us all, may we be blessed to return to the holy land and may the hopes of everyone reading this post to perform their ibadah Umrah and Hajj will be granted.. In shaa Allah. Amin. 🤲🏻💖✨

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Luahan Fazura di instagram


Luahan ini menyentuh hati Netizen

Nangis baca!!! Faz punyai hati yg cantik dan baik sgt… Tq faz sayang doakan kami utk sampai ke tanah suci nanti 😘😘😘.. sy doakan segala apa yg faz & fattah doakan akan dimakbulkan Allah SWT tepat pada masanya..aaminnnn


Sekadar info, Fattah dan Fazura, 36, mendirikan rumah tangga pada 27 November 2017 dalam sebuah majlis tertutup di sebuah hotel terkemuka di Kuala Lumpur.


Pasangan ini turut meraikan ulang tahun kedua perkahwinan mereka November tahun lalu.

Sumber : Ig Fazura via Khalifah Media


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